How we work

We encourage and strengthen social change processes in the countries that host us, focussing on sustainable development, social inclusion and the fight against poverty. 
We support the efforts of local communities, organisations and institutions in identifying and setting up intervention programs.
We are committed to researching and condemning the root causes of injustice and marginalisation, in order to elaborate appropriate proposals for intervention.
We highlight the contribution of different cultures in the setting up of intervention programs, in the solving of controversies and in the building of peaceful and fair societies.
We implement programs in connection with Italian organisations and institutions, from the public and private sector, by promoting their active involvement both at local and national level. 
LVIA is a non-profit organisation, independent from political parties, local, national and international institutions, churches or religious associations, foundations or private enterprises, both in Italy and in the hosting countries. To all of them we address our proposal for partnership, cooperation, fundraising in full respect of each other’s independence. 
We are committed to a medium to long-term presence in the countries where we work, to maintain an uninterrupted dialogue and working relationship with the local, national and international players.
In case of war or disaster we offer our skills in humanitarian aid.
We are committed to full accountability. We share each step of the intervention with those who financially support us, our partners and our beneficiaries, from its setting up to its evaluation. Our yearly financial and activity reports are publicly available.

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