Mission LVIA

LVIA seeks to promote responsible citizenship based on the principles of solidarity, to act effectively to promote change, to sustain dialogue and mutual understanding among peoples for building a more just and united world.
A global society in which the dignity of every person is safeguarded and promoted, in which each individual person may enjoy fundamental liberties, have access to resources and services, have the possibility to live in a healthy environment and improve the quality of life in all aspects; a global society in which every single individual and all communities have the right of self-determination consistent with the cultural rights of other peoples and every man and woman on earth.
This mission is being carried out through (from Art. 4 of the Statute of Association):
  • The planning and implementation of direct interventions of international solidarity, cooperation and humanitarian aid work
  • The promotion of cooperation between countries and communities in the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the world 
  • Undertaking to educate, inform and sensitise societies in the Northern and Southern hemispheres on the themes outlined above 
  • Researching and examining the causes of injustice and its consequences
  • The promotion, in conjunction with relevant competent authorities and various institutions, of initiatives aimed towards  removing situations of injustice and their consequences
  • The promotion of an open and intercultural society
  • The promotion of consumer choices and sustainability
  • The participation in networks or collectives whose work and aims are consistent with the Statute of Association
  • The promotion of every other initiative that is consistent with the values outlined in the Statute of Association
LVIA works on a non-profit basis and undertakes its work in a serious manner, looking for ways to carry out effective and innovative actions. LVIA recognises the central values of voluntary work in the various expressions of its activities, the spirit of voluntary service and its gratuitousness, as well as the idea of professionalism as a commitment to responsibility, competence and respect in the face of complexities inherent in the situations in which it proposes to operate in.

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